Jetzt anmelden! Mini-Ordnungskick – Der Aufräum-Workshop: 28. Juni 2024

(Dieser Beitrag ist ausnahmsweise auf Englisch)

In exactly one week I will be attending The Hive, a conference for bloggers, digital storytellers and tastemakers in Berlin. This will be the first event I have ever taken part in since starting out with Little Miss Organized. I had been searching for quite a while for some conference, classes or meetings where I could learn more about blogging and more importantly meet fellow bloggers. When I found The Hive I knew that was just the thing I had been searching for. I even set a reminder in my agenda for the date that tickets started selling, so that I would not take a chance on being too late and it would be soled out… Needless to say I am super excited and have been counting the days until I will jump on the plane and take off for Berlin:-) This will be a first-timer, I don’t know anybody and am not one of those huge bloggers. But I will step out of my comfort zone because I am sure I would regret not going:-)

So in preparation of the conference, Yvonne the founder of The Hive suggested us all to post #40facts4thehive so we could get to know each other a little bit in advance. I usually don’t write very many personal things about myself on the blog. So this is a big exception!

1. I am tiny. That is as if I were my personal version of my own Mini Me.

2. As a teenager I used to tell people I was 153 cm “tall”. Confession: I lied. I am only 152,5 cm.

3. My short work colleague and I would measure each other regularly at work just to check if we had grown any in the last few weeks (at age 16…).

4. I LOVE sushi.

5. My husband loves sushi, too.

6. That’s not really a good thing – financially. One of us usually feels like having sushi. The other one is always ready to tag along.

7. I am German. I was an American for 32 years. I live in Switzerland. My mom is Irish descent. My father is Swedish descent.

8. My husband is Swiss. His last name is Lung. Somewhere far along the line his ancestors where Chinese.

9. When I introduce myself to patients at work by saying: “Hi. My name is Tina Lung.”, they sometimes look at my blue eyes and blond hair and ask in all honesty: “Are you Chinese?”. Uuuummm, hmmm. Good question. NO!

10. I don’t really watch TV often. I pinterest instead.

11. I have a motorcycle driver’s licence.

12. I have run two marathons. Not fast. But I made it and I survived.

13. Since then I know that pretty much everything is possible.

14. I seriously considered becoming a doctor when I was 31.

15. I chose not to.

16. The most challenging and the most rewarding job I ever worked at was in spinal cord injury research with paraplegic patients.

17. I love challenging people to take the next step and stretch their limits.

18. I tend to think big.

19. I have my very own kind of humor. I thought it would be hilarious to see the faces of our wedding guests if a different bride and groom walked down the aisle in our place.

20. I didn’t hire another couple to do so as I didn’t want to spoil the one chance in life of my wedding.

21. I love weddings.

22. I have been dreaming of wearing a wedding dress since I was 6.

23. I made my husband go to a wedding-gown ball with me a year after we got married so I could wear my dress once more without people thinking I was crazy.

24. I would love to be a background actor in a Sissi movie so I could wear the dresses….

25. I can take a long time to make a decision.

26. But when I get that gut feeling from one moment to the next – the decision is made and there is no way back.

27. If I have a goal I WILL find a way to make money to be able to achieve it.

28. I saved up for my THE HIVE ticket by taking part in payed opinion surveys.

29. If I get a chance I go for it.

30. Once I spontaneously booked a flight to New Zealand on Friday evening and left the coming Monday for 6 weeks of backpacking. Alone. First-timer.

31. I love to travel.

32. I can cut down on any money spending in order to save up for a trip.

33. I learned to drive a 27′ (8 m) long RV on a trip in California. I loved it!

34. In New Zealand I decided within a few hours I was going to skydive that day – although I am afraid of hights. I loved it.

35. My husband and I live in a two room apartment (one bedroom, one living room/kitchen).

36. My favorite “room” is our large terrace.

37. Life without books doesn’t seem very fun.

38. I would like to move to Cambodia for a while and teach people basic medical skills.

39. I love to eat. All the time.

40. It’s 23:34 o’clock and I’m tired. Good night!


Looking forward to meeting you all next week:-)